Poems 2

I just want / To let you know
I've been leaving pieces of myself 
Thin shadows
On the curbside 
Where they've fallen on their face

I can't tell you if they're still breathing
If they've taken something
Or let me leave it behind

I just want /  To go home
But when I think of where you'll cast my ashes
I think of solar winds
Of nova storms
Of sights I've never seen. 

Bury me with my eyes,
Forward on the eternal horizon

excuse me, I seem to have dropped
my heart, there on the sidewalk
if you don't mind--thank you. I 
appreciate it. 

you know how it is, these 
old machines, they still move but
the bones gnash, the synapses fire
haltingly. the pieces never fit
exactly as they went in.
the soft becomes hard, the hard
brittle, the delicate gone--
ground to dust, lost to
memory, a leaking sieve
writing poetry

There are a couple more of the 'I just want' poems, written when that phrase kept playing, without resolving, in my head during a depressive episode. These two are the best ones.

The last poem was written fairly recently in comparison. It's probably the best poem I've ever written.