Poems 1

I want to live in the bluff lands
where ghosts of storms
sometimes crash, sometimes tap,
sometimes whisper
	of the jagged waves
	of the ceaseless winds
	of the torn horizon
at my cottage door.


I have cast my net 
	into the sea of dreams
But pulled up only feverish drippings
	limp words clinging to the swollen waves
	breathless without the thick froth of feeling and truth

Look for my soul not in this cave of flesh and bone
I am not there
I am where those eyes wander
To precipice, in wilderness, 
Drawn like a moth to the horizon aflame
writing poetry

I'm not really a poet, but sometimes I write really long sentences and put some line breaks in unexpected places.

I've written a grand total of 13 poems, which all live in this one googe doc. Some are better than others. Will probably post another two sets.

This one is the vaguely nature themed one. Also, the title of the second poem is "dregs".