C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

old friend, I 
must apologize. It's been so long
I have forgotten the names
my ancestors had for you
when last you saw them,
small fires on a this vast gem

old friend, we
remember too much what has changed
and forget that still we laugh,
we sing, we watch the skies 
and wish for a tomorrow 
better than today

old friend, I am afraid
but still I hope to see you some day
I hope for clear skies, cool air, that
some things still will be the same
when you return, a wish upon
a small green flame
space writing poetry

This poem is inspired by The Dawn of Everything, which posits that we, and our ancestors, have more power to build the societies we want and make change for the better.

Comets inspire me to think on a different kind of scale.