Maya, bathroom

Maya stands in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to shave the hair
around her augmentation. Notes are written on the mirror, 'get gloves out of chirrup', 
'scrub jump shield', 'maybe kill Ines?', 'dishes!!', 'filter drive room'
beyond_the_awakening art digital maya scifi

The augmentation is very handy for prescience, but if Maya doesn't shave the area around it things start smelling like burnt hair.

Fantasizing about what Maya does in the more mundane parts of sci-fi makes somehow makes her feel more real than anything else. So I guess this bit of art is about that.

I may or may not be thinking about redoing all of the other bta_mainline things in this orange-purple color-scheme, so this is also practice for that. I'm also pleased at how few revisions I had to do for the anatomy for this one, given that I didn't do any linework / sketching at all. The head is still a little weirdly shaped, but whatever!