Empath & Augur

Sebastian is the Augur, coveted for the prophecies inscribed into his back. Erika is a spy and killer, but also an Empath, who feels every hurt that she inflicts.

But to Sebastian, Erika is kind. She makes him feel human, when everyone else treats him as little more than a tool for their own ends. And while she could set him free, Erika has long since lost any hope for her own freedom, or even personhood.

The cult that controls them both seeks to unite humanity under a shared consciousness. To thwart them, Sebastian and Erika will have to overcome a gauntlet of supernatural trials: The Heart of the Monoculture is hungry for human minds to grow its ecology; the Scales of Maat craves unhappy hearts to sate its lust for justice; a impossible sculpture seeks vengeance for being locked out of sight; and then, of course, there is Erika.

To gain his freedom, Sebastian must convince her that she deserves her own. But in doing so, he may cause the very future he is trying to prevent--unless he comes to terms with his own destiny, as the Augur.

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The first act is available on this site. Hit next to read it!\n Content warning (Mostly PG-13) If you prefer to download it to your ereader: link