Empath & Augur: Blurb

Sebastian is the Augur, coveted for the prophecies written as wounds into his flesh. Erika is a mercenary and spy, but also an Empath who feels every hurt she inflicts. When Sebastian is captured by a team of cult mercenaries, Erika is the one who locks him away.

But during his imprisonment at the cult, she makes him feel human. She understands what it’s like to be treated as little more than a tool. And while she could set him free, Erika has long since lost any hope for her own freedom, or even personhood.

Sebastian wants nothing more than to return to his life before he was inflicted by his prophetic curse. To gain his freedom, Sebastian must convince Erika that she deserves her own. But in doing so, he may play into the cult’s nefarious goals to awakening humanity into a single consciousness--unless he accepts that his life from before has slipped beyond his reach.

Empath & Augur is a novel about coming to terms with and growing past your own nature. It also talks a lot about predestination and alternative consciousness. In terms of genre I'd say it's 80/10/10 sci-fi/fantasy/horror, and then 50/50 shooting/(not-quite) romance.

If that sounds like your jam, give it a read! I'm always looking for feedback, so lemme know what you think.

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The first act is available on this site. Hit next to read it!

Content warning (Mostly PG-13) If you prefer to download it to your ereader: link