Artfight 2023

2023 was my first artfight! I picked my targets off mastodon, and then just sort of did whatever came to mind. I haven't quite done enough art to have a settled style so there's quite a bit of variance.

Links to the characters and their creators through here: Also check out the wonderful revenge :D

Blue anthro shark person spins on his pointy head. His pet cat (crab) watches, amazed A smiling person in a moth-patterned coat dives through the air. Brown haired person with curly hair with one arm sits at a reflective blue piano A shot of the side of a person's face with soft brown hair and bright green eyes. They have a brown antler, tied with twine and beads. A shot of someone's arm, caressing a black bowblade, lit with blue light A moth fairy wearing a green tunic in a whimsical pose One light skinned person with dark hair and a dark skinned person with cornrows lean their heads together, smiling.

I can tell I learned a lot because afterwards I started back on my comics and was like "wait, why did I make so many layers"? All the practice I got with lineless art gave me the confidence to work less procedurally and more by feel.

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